Corvus ROM V12 Download for Redmi Note 8 (GINKGO)

If you already know What a Custom Rom, How it installs Fell free to skip this section and scroll down to download the latest Corvus custom ROM for Redmi note 8 (Ginkgo). Everyone else, keep reading installing tutorials.

What is Custom ROM?

The individual developers can create their own custom versions of Android, they are known as custom ROM.

Download (CORVUS 12.0)

Corvus V12.0 ROM file: The Corvus V12.0 ROM file is packed in the zip package and The file does not need to extract directly flash with Recovery like Twrp or PitchBlack recovery full installation steps are given below section. The ROM file link is provided by the official source.

The file name is “” and the file size is “1387.61 MB.

File Host on- pling

Credit :

- Thanks to @ghostrider_reborn for Trees.
- Thanks to @c0dera & @tokatsu for Testing.

Changelog :

- Offline charging bug fixed .
- Switched to AOSP clang for kernel build.
- Disabled deprecated configstore.
- Switched to Quicksilver Kernel upstreamed to v4.14.211 and LA.UM.9.11.r1-02400-NICOBAR.0.
- Updated blobs from MIUI 12.0.2.
- Added December security patch From Redfin.
- Added back XiaomiParts With KCAL support.
- Gcam Hdr Bug fixed .
- Double Tap To Wake fixed.
- Fixed Wifi Display ( screen casting ).
- Fixed Whatsapp Web QR code scanning issue.
- Fixed Gapps Random reboots.
- Fixed wired headset buttons.
- Fixed random reboots in extended 4G sessions.
- Updated xiaomi parts translations.

The requirement before installing custom ROM.

First, you need to unlock your phone bootloader. Without bootloader unlocks, you cannot install custom ROM. Watch the video fully guide how to unlock the bootloader.

Second, you need to install Twrp or Pitchblack recovery on your smartphone.


Corvus V12 Features:

Rounded Corners
System Animations
Scrolling Cache
Expanded screenshot
Gaming Mode
Three Finger Swipe
DT2 Sleep
Signature Spoofing
Sensor block per app package
Screen off animation
Dashboard conditions
Dashboard suggestions
Disable device identifier restrictions

Accent picker
Theme backup
Theme styles
Heads up options
Charging animation
Edge Lighting
Blink Flashlight on Call

Fingerprint Prefs:
Fingerprint error vibration
Fingerprint authentication Vibration

Show status bar on lockscreen
Disable QS when locked
Lockscreen charging info
Lockscreen album art filter
Media artwork blur level
Charging animation
Lockscreen style
Fod Icon picker
FOD recognising animations
FOD pressed state
Hide lock icon
Lockscreen visualizer
Media Artwork

Clock Customization
Show clock and date toggle
Auto-hide Clock
Clock Style
AM/PM Style
Show seconds toggle
Date, its position, style, format, size, font color & style
Icon Manager
Statusbar Icons
Custom Logo
Signal Icon Switch
Toast app icon
Bluetooth battery status

Status Bar
Battery Customization
Charging LED
Battery Estimates Toggle
Battery Icon Style
Battery Percentage
Aggressive Battery
Battery Bar Customization

Carrier Label
Custom Carrier Label
Carrier Label Fonts, Size, Colors

Quick Settings
Quick QS Pulldown
Smart Pulldown
Vibrate on Touch
QS footer text
Customize footer text
Settings icon toggle
Running services icon
User switch icon
Edit icon toggle
QS Tint toggle
Header Images & toggle
QS Blur
Background opacity
QS Layout Customization
QS tile Animations
Brightness Slider Positions and customization

Ticker toggle
Ticker Animation
Ticker Duration

Kill app button
Screen off power button torch
Volume Panel Customization
Music Control
Volume rocker wake
Volume rocker wake
Volume key cursor control

Ambient Display
Always on
Custom Options
Batter level on bottom
Always on when charging
New notifications toggle
Lift to check phone
Hand wave pulse
Pocket notifications on removal
Brightness options on Ambient
Ambient wake gestures
Ambient music ticker
Night Light
Adaptive Brightness
Styles and wallpapers
Screen Attention
Display Colors
Screen Savers
Screen rotations
Wake on plug
Game driver preferences

On-Screen nav bar
System Navigation
Full Screen gestures
Extended swipe action
Left/Right Swipe Action

Power Menu
Power menu animation
Restart toggle
Advanced Restart Toggle
Lockdown toggle
Screenshot toggle
Lockscreen visibility

Traffic Indicators
Traffic Indicator Placement
Activity Layout
Net Type Activity
Net font size customization
Show/Hide arrows toggle
Net activity auto-hide threshold

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