How to Fix “System Has been Destroyed” on Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo)

Xiaomi is the most popular brand in India. Some people cannot use the Stock ROM MIUI operating system on Xiaomi devices. More customization and features are available in custom ROMs. Lots of Custom ROM are available for Xiaomi devices like Pixel experience, Oxygen Os, Aosp Roms. In some cases, you can install custom ROM on your device and you not follow the proper steps of installation or you are a newbie in this. Your phones are soft brick or show “System Has been Destroyed” errors are shows How to fix this problem I provide in this article full steps and video guide also.


Download (TWRP_VBMETA)

TWRP VBMETA file: The TWRP_VBMETA file is packed in the zip package and The file does not contain any password. The file is original.

The file name is “TWRP_VBMETA_” and the file size is “580.47MB.

File Host on- Gdrive.

How to Fix “The System has been Destroyed” error on Redmi note 8 (Ginkgo).

Step 1: First of all download and install the ADB fast boot driver and TWRP_VBMETA file on your computer.

Step 2: Extract and open the TWRP_VBMETA Folder.

Step 3: Run the “+OPEN ME+”.

Step 4: Now boot your smartphone in Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down + Power keys at the same time.

Step 5: Connect the USB cable.

Step 6: Type (2) then press enter and the process started and the phone automatically booted on TWRP recovery.

Step 7: Your phone successfully booted in TWRP recovery now you can install any custom ROM like- Pixel experience

Step 8: All Done


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