How to Flash Smartphones using QFIL Flash Tool and Download QFIL Flash tool.

If you want to download the QFIL  Flash Tool you are visiting the right place. In this article, I provide download links to the QFIL Flash Tool. and also explain how to use it

QFIL Flash Tool Download.

QFIL Flash Tool DownloadThe QFIL Flash tool is also known as Qualcomm Flash Image Loader. The QFIL Flash tool also comes in the zip package and The QFILflash tool size is “2.48 MB”. The file does not contain any password protection.

QFIL Flash Tool-Supported OS-

  • Windows- 7,8,10

QFIL Flash Tool Download

How to flash smartphones using QFIL Flash Tool.

 Steps regarding computer flashing.

1. Open the flash tool folder and launch the “QFIL” application

2. After launching the QFIL application Select the build type “Flat Build“.

3. Click to Browse button and browse the window is opened select the “Prog_emmc_firehose_8909ddr_.mbn” file from the flash filefolder.

4. Now click to XML file button and Select the “rawprogram_unsparse.xml” file from the Flash file folder.

5. The Select Patch File Browse window is automatically open then you select the “Patch0

Steps regarding the mobile flashing.

5. Check the battery percentage of the mobile phone and if it is more than 50% and then you are not required to charge the battery and then you can easily follow the next step.

6. Turn off the mobile phone.

7. Now press the boot key of the smartphone and then insert the USB data cable from mobile to computer. After then connect the USB cable Click on the Download button and the flashing process will automatically begin.

NoteThe flashing process will be taken approximately 15-20 minutes depending on your computer speed. in the flashing process do not disconnect USB cable otherwise it may cause dead or unbrick the device.

8. After completing the flashing process, it shows the green color “Flash Successful” message on a flash tool which means the flashing process is completed then disconnects the USB data cable.

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