LYF F250Y Flash File (Stock ROM) download and flashing guide.

If you want to download the LYF Jio F250Y Flash File you are visiting the right place. In this article, I provide download links of the flash file (firmware), flash tool and driver. and also explain the guiding of flashing.

Why flashing is important for mobile.

Basically, you know about the operating system. Any operating system contains a version like “Android”. The android is also an operating system but if you face the issue of an android device you can reset the device but so many times the device is not repaired by restore only so another one way it’s flashing. Yes, flashing is a way to repair your device. the flash file is a file of the operating system they write on system memory by using the flash tool and all that process is called flashing.

What is the boot key and which is a boot key of Lyf F250Y?

In simple words, the boot key is a key that accesses a device driver to install the firmware on the mobile phone.

The boot key of Lyf F250Y is the * + # Key.

The step of pressing boot key

  1. turn off your mobile and remove the battery and reinsert.
  2. press and hold the * + # Key and insert the USB cable thought mobile to pc.
  3. The flashing process begins then releases the select button.

How to Download and Get Lyf F250Y flash file.

  1. Click below the “Download” button. By pressing that button you will reach the download page.
  2. After downloading the file you can extract the file using the WinRAR tool because the file format is zip and that’s why it doesn’t come to direct folder.
  3. After the completed extract process opens the extracted folder and you will get a flash file folder.
Flash File Lyf F250Y Flash File Download

[stextbox id=’alert’]Disclaimer Note- Lyf F250Y Flash File is not hosted or stored in The is not responsible and liable for any damages in case of any harm to your mobile phone by using the above providing flash file. it will be used on your own risk. Any problem regarding the flash file please contact the contact us page.[/stextbox]

How to flash Lyf F250Y using qcMUP Tool.

 Steps regarding computer flashing.

1. Open the Huiye Download Tool folder and launch the “Download” application.

2. After launching the Huiye Download Tool application click to the “Select” option and then select “Firmware”.

3. Now browse window is opened select the packet format file from the Lyf  F250Y flash file” folder.

Steps regarding the mobile flashing.

5. Check the battery percentage of the mobile phone and if it is more than 50% and then you are not required to charge the battery and then you can easily follow the next step.

6. Turn off the mobile phone.

7. Now press the boot key of the smartphone and then insert the USB data cable from mobile to computer. Click to download button and the flashing process will be automatic started.


NoteThe flashing process will be taken approximately 15-20 minutes depending on your computer speed. in the flashing process do not disconnect USB cable otherwise it may cause dead or unbrick the device.

8. After completing the flashing process, it shows the green color “Passed” message on a flash tool which means the flashing process is completed then disconnects the USB data cable.

How to do after flashing the device.

After the flashing, disconnect the USB cable and remove and reinsert the battery of mobile. then press or hold the power button and boot the smartphone. Remember that after flashing the device it will take 15 minutes to installing third party application or on other tasks due to which it will be stuck on the logo for some time. After the boot completes, then complete some basic setting of your mobile.

The mobile is successfully flash from the “Huiye Download Tool”. This process is very easy and safe.


Note: All above provided guide is followed by you on your own risk is not be responsible for any damage of your mobile and for any query regarding this guide or other contacts on the contact us page.



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