Oppo A3s User lock remove done by MSM Download tool. Oppo A3s Flash File

If you want to Remove the Oppo A3s user lock you are visiting the right place. In this article, I provide the full process of removing user lock.

What is the user lock?

User lock is a Password protection security system build by mobile phone manufacturers. The mobile phone cannot be accessed without entering the right password but in any case, you forget the mobile phone password you cannot be used then.

This tutorial is very helpful for removing Oppo A3s user lock. The process of removing user lock is totally free it’s not needed the paid dongle like – Ultimate Multi-tool

Files Requirement 

  • Qualcomm USB driver.
  • Activate tool.
  • Oppo A3s Firmware.

Download Section

  1. Click below the “Download” button. By pressing that button you will reach to the download page.
  2. After downloading the file you can extract the file using WinRAR tool because the file format is zip
File Name File Size Link
QDLoader_HS-USB_Driver.rar 15MB Download


File Name  File Size Link
OPPO_ALL_TOOL.rar 39.29MB Download


File Name  File Size Link
3.8GB Download


File Name  File Size Link
4.04GB Download


File Name  File Size Link
4.55GB Download


File Name  File Size Link
3.6GB Download


Guide of Flashing Oppo A3s with MSM Download Tool.

Step By Step

We are going to explain, how to flash Oppo A3s with the MSM Download tool.

Step 1: Download the flash file from the above download section.

Step 2: Open the flash tool folder and launch the “MSMDownload Tool.exe”.

Step 3: After launching the “MSMDownload Tool.exe” software enters the user name and password. If you do not have the username and password you cannot be processed.

Step 4: Once the tool is successfully launched, click the start all button and select the firmware file.

Step 5: The tool is to verify the Pc memory checksum it takes some time to complete.

Step 6: Now connect your Oppo A3s smartphone via USB cable.

Step 7: Flashing Process automatically starts when you connect the USB cable.

Step 8: The flashing process takes approx 10-15 minutes.

Then your mobile successfully flashed the user phone lock is automatically erased.

Note: After flashing your mobile data was erased.



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