PUBG MOBILE INDIA APK DOWNLOAD + OBB FILE. Pubg mobile india version download.

The PUBG Corporation announced to launch a brand new PUBG mobile in India. In this game, players can play only in India. The user data and privacy are secure because the server uses Microsoft. Microsoft is a more trusted and popular company. The PUBG mobile is collab with Microsoft in India. Because in previous the PUBG mobile using Tencent games server and that server company is Chinese which leaks the user data in huge probability, Due to which the Indian government took action on PUBG mobile to ban this game in India for the privacy of the personal data of Indians. Now PUBG mobile creates specific PUBG mobile game India versions for Indian users only and the user of the other counties cannot play this game.

Officially, it was announced on 12th November by PUBG mobile India that PUBG mobile will come back soon in India by Diwali. But, the specific date is not announced till now. However, some news is spreading that they are not launching it on 2 December 2020.


PUBG Corporation Responds to PUBG MOBILE’s India Ban (07-9-2020)


PUBG India Responds to PUBG MOBILE (12-11-2020)



Last Words: The PUBG mobile is coming back to India coming soon. The above download link is updated soon then releases the PUBG mobile India.

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